To some, it may seem that Zach Raizman has had a more rewarding and productive career at the age of 15 than most of us have in a lifetime. At six years old, Zach booked his first gig with the "Junior Musical Theater Company" and has continued to perform in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in everything from "Oliver" and "Footloose" to "The Sound of Music". Zach has also lent his talents as a performer at benefit concerts for "War Child Canada", "Cancer Care Manitoba", and "The Lance Armstrong Foundation". Additionally, he has been a featured entertainer with Sylvia Kuzyk on CKY, The A-Channel, and on commercials for the highly successful K-Tel Pops CD. Although theater, especially musical theater, is his passion, music itself is what gives him his energy. Amid the hours it takes to prepare for school, theater auditions & rehearsals, vocal lessons, and acting workshops, Zach still finds the drive to work on his own music on h is own terms, and crafts his skill performing at venues like "The Fringe Fest", "Red River Ex", "Academy Coffee House" as well as various non-profit and philanthropic events. In 2006 he teamed up with Juno Award winning producer, Brandon Friesen, whom he handpicked to help put together his first full-length CD, "A Mind To Be Thinking". When it came to recording vocals for the CD, Zach found inspiration in many forms…some of it in artists like Michael Buble, James Blunt, and Daniel Powder. Some of it in the form of popular musicals like "Rent" and "Chicago". Most notably, however, would be his affinity for the international superstar, Celine Dion. The CD itself has a little bit of everything that Zach digs as a performer. "The Power Of One" is a piano balled that has a slight nod to the aforementioned Miss Dion, while more mild tempo songs such as "Fabulous" and "Beautiful" hint at a more current, accessible, Daniel Powder kind of vibe. To round it off, there is the title track, "A Mind To Be Thinking", with it's ABBA like harmonies playing off his musical theater background. Zach is currently gearing up for 2008 tour dates in the United States and Canada.